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Massage + Hydrotherapy Circuit

Restore your physical and spiritual balance in one single experience. 60-min Massage + 90-min Circuit. Deep relaxation from a massage combined with the harmonization of the 7 chakras in a hydrotherapy circuit.

150 min $1950 MXN

60-min Massage + 90-min Circuit

Hydrotherapy Circuit

Relax your body and mind on a spa day with hydrotherapy! Enjoy a circuit that works on the 7 chakras, bringing your body to total well-being. Sauna, steam, cacao room, bucket shower, and playful pool.

90 min $499 MXN

Massage Promotion

Relaxing massage that combines different techniques and elements to release tension and relax the muscles, resulting in an excellent experience against stress.

60 min $900 MXN – Hydrotherapy not included
*To redeem this promotion requires mentioning it during booking. 
Promotion applies from 11 am to 3 pm.

Divinity Promotion

Includes body scrub, body wrap, back massage, facial massage, reflexology and scalp massage.

100 min $2700 MXN

90 min Hydrotherapy included

Royalty Promotion

Includes full body massage, reflexology, organic facial and scalp massage.

90 min $2600 MXN

90 min Hydrotherapy included

Goddess Promotion

Includes body scrub, body wrap, full body massage, refreshing facial, reflexology,  glass of wine and scalp massage.

120 min $3800 MXN

90 min Hydrotherapy included


Prana Massage

Relaxing holistic massage that combines different techniques and elements to release tension and relax the muscles, resulting in an excellent experience against stress.
Techniques applied in this massage: Aromatherapy, acupressure, Swedish, Deep tissue, hot stones, reflexology and scalp.

60 min $1400 MXN 

80 min $1900 MXN 

Hot Stone Massage

Hot stone massage reduces pain, eliminates stress, makes the patient get carried away by their senses. You get relaxation and general muscle decontraction, circulation activation, lymphatic drainage and as a result the elimination of toxins.
It is used successfully to treat sleep disorders, chronic contractures, stress and fatigue, depression, fibromyalgia, anxiety, arthritis and muscle pain.

80min $2200 MXN 

Swedish Massage

Consists of performing superficial maneuvers in which the intensity and pressure is soft and the rhythm slow and repetitive, so that, upon receiving repeated and constant contact, the sensation of pain is lost and the muscles relax.

60 min $1400 MXN 

80 min $2000 MXN

Deep Tissue Massage

Focusing on the deeper layers of muscle tissue, its goal is to release chronic patterns of body tension through slow movements and deep pressure.
Manipulations applied in this massage: Pretissage, sliding, pinching, friction

60 min $1600 MXN 

80 min $2200 MXN

Tired Legs Massage

Excellent treatment if your legs suffer from pain, heaviness, varicose veins, poor circulation, fluid retention or if you are pregnant, since it combines lymphatic and circulatory drainage, dedicated solely to the well-being and care of your legs, applying at the end a cold gel that will help you to reactivate its circulation.

30 min $800 MXN

Back & Neck Massage

Whether due to stress, poor posture or overexertion, neck, shoulder and back are the areas of the body that support the most tension.
Using and manipulating the techniques of deep tissue, Swedish, Lomi-lomi and acupressure, among others, helps to reduce and / or relieve muscle pain as well as reduce tension in the area.

30 min $800 MXN 

Sport Massage

This technique doubles the benefits of standard massage and the feeling of well-being and harmony is total, so it is especially indicated for those who suffer from problems of stress, insomnia and anxiety.
But apart from its relaxing qualities, this therapy also activates the circulatory system, making the blood flow more easily and the lymphatic system, favoring the elimination of toxins present in the body. Also, if you have muscle and joint pain, you will feel immediate and long-lasting relief.
It works by stretching tight muscles, stimulating inactive muscles and improving the condition of the soft tissue.

6o min $1600 MXN

Prenatal Massage

Therapists specialized in this type of massage adapt their technique to the changes that occur in the woman’s body during pregnancy, they know the points that most often cause pain and inflammation.
Combining techniques such as Swedish, lymphatic drainage and circulatory, helping So to make you feel better, reduce stress, reduce swelling in the legs as well as prenatal depression and anxiety.

60 min $1400 MXN 


Therapy that helps reduce pain, stress, and anxiety, and increase relaxation and sleep, may also be a reasonable option if you are seeking relaxation and stress relief. It consists of pressure applied to different parts of the foot, causing a reflex and stimulation in body regions and organs, causing relief from discomfort.

60 min $1400 MXN 


Refreshing Facial

Reduces the appearance of pores while eliminating excess oil, eliminating traces of impurities. Include milk cleansing, tonic exfoliation, serum, cream and scalp massage.

30 min $800 MXN

Organic Facial

Cleaning made with 100% organic products helping to have a more natural skin and scalp massage. Include milk cleansing, tonic, exfoliation, scruber, serum, organic face mask, eye contour,final cream.

60 min $1400 MXN

Deep Cleaning Facial 

Its main objective is to clean our skin, removing dead cells and toxins that are accumulated in the pores. Include scalp massage.
Organic + steem extractions and high frequency.

80 min $1800 MXN 

Body Treatments

Body Wrap Treatment

(Clay or Chocolate)

Treatment in which the body is covered with clay or chocolate and wrapped tightly in strips of cloth and ending with a moisturizing treatment, to promote healthy skin.
Includes body scrub, wrap and moisturizing body cream.

90 min $2000 MXN 

Body Exfoliation Treatment

Its main objective is to clean full body skin, removing dead cells and toxins that accumulate in the pores.

30 min $800 MXN – only applicable if you book a massage

60 min $1400 MXN – Includes exfoliation and application of moisturizing cream with a little massage

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